Your ConsuLtation

We recommend an initial 30 minute consultation, where we will be able to carry out a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your men’s health concern.

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We carry out our consultations at the Men’s Health Wales clinic in Cornelly, South Wales. Enquiries regarding booking appointments can be made by phone or email. You may wish to ask your GP to refer you, thereby providing us with all your medical details. Equally, we appreciate that some people prefer not to discuss this with their GP, and we would respect any request to keep your consultation fully confidential. If you choose to self-refer, it would be helpful if you could bring along a summary of any medical problems and medications. Most GPs will be happy to provide you with a copy of your medical summary, though you would need to check on an individual basis. Alternatively, your own version would suffice, if you are confident that you know the most important features of your medical history. This should include any recent tests that you may have had, especially if potentially relevant to your problem.


Unfortunately, for the majority of cases, a consultation for a purely sexual problem would not be covered by private medical insurers. However, this may vary depending on whether the problem is linked to an underlying medical issue, such as diabetes, concerns about hormone insufficiency (e.g. low testosterone / hypogonadism), prostate problems, cancer treatments, etc. It may be worth specifically checking with your insurer if you believe your symptoms are a result of another condition. Otherwise, many people will choose to self-fund.

Before the Appointment:

Ideally it is helpful to get a brief description of your symptoms before attending our clinic.  Therefore, we will send out a specific relevant questionnaire for you to fill in advance of your appointment. This can give you time to consider specific aspects of your problem, and how severely they are affecting you.

Confidential Conversations:

During the consultation, by the very nature of the problems discussed, we will have to ask some quite personal questions. We are sensitive to the fact that some people may find this a little uncomfortable at first. You should feel free to use your own words to describe any concerns that you have, and of course anything discussed will be treated in the utmost confidence.

Physical Examination:

We will often also recommend a physical examination, including of your genitals. This would certainly only be done with your full consent.

Further Tests:

We will also usually recommend some investigations to look into possible contributing causes for your symptoms. This will typically involve, as a minimum, some blood tests. The need for other investigations will depend on the nature of your problem, and we can discuss these at your consultation, if indicated.

After the Consultation:

We will write to your GP with a summary of what was discussed during your consultation. We can provide any private prescriptions that may be required, or again could write to your GP to advise on prescriptions. This may be particularly relevant if you are entitled to NHS prescriptions for any condition treated: again, we can discuss this at the time of the consultation.


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